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Tylosine AAC

Tylosine AAC

A water Soluble Powder for Oral Use


Each 100 gm contains:
Tylosin Tartrate 100 gm (a.i.)


Tylosine aac is an antibiotic belongs to a family named as macrolides which have a large lactone ring, and upon the size of this ring macrolides can be classified into 3 groups.

They are known to have an antibacterial spectrum which is essentially Gram-Positive.

Tylosine aac has bacteriostatic properties and in particular has a conside rable activity against PPLO (PleuroPneumonia like Organisms) causing CRD (Chronic Respiratory Disease) of poultry affecting chickens, turkeys, cattle and goats leptospira, erysipelas, H. pertussis, Moraxella bovis are also among the susceptible micro-organisms.