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Doxystin Forte

Doxystin Forte


A water Soluble Powder for Oral Use


Composition :
Chaque 1 g contient :
Doxycycline HCI 500 mg
Colistine sulfate 1600000 UI


Doxystin Forte is a combination of the broad-spectrum antibiotic Doxycycline and the antibiotic Colistin sulphate that possessed a narrow spectrum activity against Gram-negative organisms.
Doxystin Forte is a comprehensive drug that controls a wide range of diseases affecting poultry and farms animals.

It is effective against a wide range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria as well as mycoplasma and chlamydia.

Doxystin Forte is particularly indicated for treatment of diseases, which affect respiratory and digestive tract in poultry as CRD, airsacculitis, sinusitis, coryza, colibacillosis and synovitis.