Quality control in AAC


R&D in AAL

Products of the company are subject to strict control system and procures through compliance with total quality assurance system at all stages of development, manufacturing and packaging, so that to ensure that the products meet all international quality standards. Activities of quality control program covers all stages of manufacturing, starting with the raw materials delivered to the warehouses of the company, to the manufacturing process, up to finished product testing. Products may not be traded in the markets but after passing the quality standards and ensuring that the contents, form and labels are in complete conformity. All products are subject to ongoing supervision by quality control laboratories, until receiving the final approval, where additional control is made  by competent authorities such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health. The company has well- equipped laboratories to ensure conducting necessary tests as indicated above in accordance with the international quality standards. The laboratories are GLP certified. Standards testing procedures are applied in a manner consistent with the nature of the products, where results are in conformity with the licensing and the required level of quality. Quality Assurance Department is subject to regular visits and review by a team composed of all departments to ensure the implementation and application of good manufacturing procedures and to work on introducing improvements to the systems, operations and facilities based on the findings of the review by the quality inspectors. Spot inspections are also made to every section within the production areas. The company complies, in addition to its keenness to quality of its marketed products, with the quality of service provided to its clients.


R&D in AAL

AAC strives to realize highest international quality standards as a non-waiverable strategic goal, Most important work strategy in Quality Assurance Department:

  • Clients are our main concern, and our role is to provide excellent quality assured products that gain trust of clients.

  • Compliance with a specialized quality control system to provide 100% quality products.

  • Provision of a safe and reliable work environment for manufacturing medical and veterinary products.

  • Facilitation of procedures to the extent possible to ensure timely and non-delayed provision of services.

  • Communication with clients, and taking into consideration notes on products and services in order to introduce necessary improvement thereto.