R&D in AAC

R&D in AAC

R&D in AAL

AAC is an industrial company specializing in drug industries, thus, the Research and Development Department is a basic element in the structure of the company and falls within its main interests. Investment in developing the skills of workers and excellent support to the activities of the work team contributes to inventing and creating quality products which positively reflect on the march and success of the company. Thanks to God, and with efforts of our world class researchers, we management to discover and develop new methods and excellent products that guaranteed AAC's success and its position as a leading company. Priorities of research and development are represented in working towards development and improvement of technology by creating effective medicinal products that contribute to prevention and treatment, as well as control of animal diseases, ensuring safety of animal precuts in order to promote animal production and maintain public health. Bioavailability and bioequivalence trials are of the important tests related new products and fall within the core of the department's activities. These researches are conducted in the premises and laboratories of the company under direct supervision of technicians. There is also close cooperation with other research organization and medical institutions to sponsor studies that can be of benefit to our performance and improve our qualitative productivity. The research and development center plays an active role in solving several problems related to animal resources and poultry breeding in Jordan and in the region by conducting many studies which reached findings that contributed to the development of AAC's products in particular, and the veterinary products in general.  Veterinary research and development activities are in fact a long term investment in AAC. We are currently working on several research program mainly designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new products or treatments to combat diseases. The research and development department in AAC has well-equipped laboratories in which it conducts its various researches and prepares reliability studies and analysis methods published in various scientific periodicals and journals. We also succeeded in registering several patents. At the research and development department we realize that our orientation to research and development is the real drive contributing to success of the company. The research and development department in AAC has a special relation with the production department, which relation is expressed by providing and supervising production methods, and sharing research findings. The research and development department also contributes to making suggestions for performance improvements, or transferring of expertise to production units of the company or its subsidiaries.

General goals of research and development activities in AAC are as follows:

  • Applied researches to develop and provide new services, products or activities.

  • Development and codification of integrated types of products.

  • Transfer innovation management from within the company.

  • Raising awareness in veterinary field, introducing products of the company, solving problems that may occur, encouraging the introduction of products in new markets within the scope of research products.

  • The Research and development department participates on an ongoing basis in national and international events relating to veterinary medicine, in addition to the specialized workshops, where the findings of researches are presented through these workshops and information is exchanged with experts.


R&D in AAL


Work is being made on a plan for establishing good laboratory practices according to (GLP) specifications consistent with the international standards. This aims at raising the level of efficiency of laboratory facilities and best use thereof by the team of drug developers and quality testing team.Work on developing a new list of veterinary drugs for a future program for development of these drugs with a view to expand and support the lists of our current products and keep it in an ongoing development and renovation state.


R&D in AAL

Product development process requires many accurate steps to ensure product success, including making a study, evaluating effectiveness, toxic studies, safety and reliability of the product, dosage, and conducting bioavailability and bioequivalence studies, equivalence tests and field trials. There is a need for approval by official authorities on applications for new products.


R&D in AAL

An important department in the company that is responsible for preparing scientific files, including studies, analyses and all necessary official certificates related to the products and submittal thereof for registration, both locally and abroad. The registration department is supported with necessary qualifications, who are assigned to duties that lead to rapidly and accurately performing its duties. The department has important communications with more than an entity within the company, such as the Technical Department, Marketing, and other departments.